Lieca/Wild TC Series Total Stations

Last Updated 12/12/03

Leica TC400-600 series instruments (and other models) will not work with any of the default Wild (Leica) drivers in Party Chief. These instruments can be operated by loading this additional driver and using the "OTHER" selection. We have verified this driver with the TC500, TC600, TCR307 and TC1102. These guns require a different 'shoot' command, and if your instrument fails to begin measuring with the default drivers, try this one. If you are able to use this driver with any model not listed, please let us know so we can add it to the documentation.

We recommend that you copy the contents of your Party Chief floppy to a folder on your PC such as C:\CHIEF41. If you do this, you should perform the following steps from that folder, rather than at the A: prompt.

When you download the driver, save it to the C:\CHIEF41 folder created above, or your Party Chief floppy. We highly recommend copying the floppy to a folder on your hard disk as noted above to avoid the possibility of corrupting the floppy when writing to it.

Use the following procedure to load the TC500 driver (similar to loading advanced programs):

Your instrument should be configured for 2400 baud, even parity. The baud rate in the HP48 does not matter. The baud rate that you set in Read/Write I/O Parameters applies only to file transfers and is not a factor in total station communication.

Download Leica TC400-600 series driver now (You may need to right click the link and select Save As).

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